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Why we should invest in Georgia

Georgia has actually made great progress in recent years. There have been many reforms to facilitate investment. Starting a business is easy. Visa-free travel has been established with Europe and a free trade agreement has been concluded. Therefore Too many people want to find an estate in Georgia. Based on the real progress of the country, the real estate market is growing rapidly. And it's one of the exciting destinations for investors, because it is constantly growing. For foreigners to invest, find an estate and start a business. Actually the best places are Tbilisi and Batumi. How to make a really profitable investment? ==The first location == We have to choose new settlements around the city. Because at this point prices are low and the environment is clean which is very important as many people are looking for an estate In a clean environment. ==Second degree== We should try to buy an apartment in a quality building that is built to the standards and has good views. ==Third conditions== The apartment should have a parking space, a good entrance and all the necessary conditions. Please note that under Georgian law the investment should not be less than 300,000 GEL for a residence permit. Good luck

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